Proudly Owned and Operated by George & Melody LeFrancois. Est in 1987

116 Uxbridge Rd, Mendon, MA

(508) 473-2125


Regular Hours: (Starting in March)

Mon – Sat: 11am – 7pm

Sunday: 12pm – 7pm


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We Do Not Accept Credit or Debit Cards.

Mass Sales Tax Not Included.


All Plates Come With: fries, coleslaw and sauce, unless otherwise specified.

Fish ‘N Chips – (haddock) $15.95

Shrimp Plate – (with cocktail sauce) $18.95

Bay Scallop Plate – $18.95

Sea Scallop Plate – $27.95

Whole Clam Plate – $27.95

Clam Strip Plate – $18.95

Seafood Platter – (clams, bay scallops, haddock, shrimp, fries, onion rings, coleslaw, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce) $33.95 Add $8.00 for sea scallops

Chicken Finger Plate – (with BBQ, sweet & sour, blue cheese, honey mustard, ranch, or hot sauce) $11.50

On The Side

New England Clam Chowder – (thick and creamy with potatoes and clams)

Cup: $5.95

Pint: $7.95

Quart: $9.95

Onion Rings – (1 size only) $8.95

Fish Only – (haddock) $11.95


Small: $.95

Large: $2.95

Extra Sauce – Tartar $.25


Fish Filet Sandwich – (haddock) $7.95

Tuna Roll – $7.95

Lobster Roll – (100% real lobster, mayo and celery) $18.95

Whole Clam Roll – $19.95

Clam Strip Roll – $13.95

Bay Scallop Roll – $13.95

Sea Scallop Roll – $19.95

Chicken Breast Sandwich – $5.95

Grilled Cheese – $2.95

Hamburger – (1/4 pounder)  $5.50

Cheeseburger – (1/4 pounder) $5.75

Doubledecker – (2 1/4 pounders) $7.50

Doubledecker with Cheese – (2 1/4 pounders) $7.95

Hot Dog – $3.95

Veggie Burger – (vegetarian) $4.95

All Sandwiches Come Plain Unless Otherwise Noted.

Please Specify: ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, relish, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato or mayo.

Side Orders


Small: (1/2 pint) $13.95

Medium: (pint) $21.95

Bay Scallops

Small: (1/2 pint) $13.95

Medium: (pint) $21.95

Sea Scallops

Small: (1/2 pint) $23.95

Medium: (pint) $46.00

Whole Clams

Small: (1/2 pint) $23.95

Medium: (pint) $46.00

Clam Strips

Small: (1/2 pint) $13.95

Medium: (pint) $21.95

Clam Cakes (not available after 5pm on Fri, Sat & Sun)

Small: (1/2 pint) $6.95

Medium: (pint) $12.95

French Fries

Small: (1/2 pint) $3.95

Medium: (pint) $6.95

Large: (quart) $9.95

Chicken Fingers

Small: (1/2 pint) $7.95

Medium: (pint) $15.95

All Seafood Orders Come With: tartar or cocktail.

Others Come with: BBQ, ranch, sweet & sour, honey mustard, blue cheese, or hot sauce.

Kids Fun Meals

Hot Dog – $7.95

Hamburger – $7.95

Cheeseburger – $7.95

Grilled Cheese – $7.95

Veggie Burger – $7.95

Chicken Fingers – $7.95

Fish Fingers – $7.95

Clam Strips – $7.95

All Kids Meals Include: french fries, cookie, drink & toy.

Thirst Stoppers

Coke, Diet Coke, Rootbeer, Sprite, Lemonade, Milk, Iced Tea & Hot Tea, Iced Coffee & Hot Coffee, Hot Cocoa.

Small: (16oz) $1.95

Large: (20oz) $2.95

Pitcher: $6.95

Frappes – (ice cream, syrup, & milk) $7.48

Floats – (soda with choice of ice cream) $7.48

Orange Sherbet Cooler – (sherbet & Sprite) $7.48

Ice Cream Soda – (chocolate, coffee, strawberry, vanilla with choice of ice cream) $7.48

Strawberry Lime Rickey – (Sprite, strawberry syrup, limes. Also available with cherry & lime) $3.95

Bottled Spring Water – $2.95

Ice Cream

Sundaes – (hot fudge, strawberry, caramel, peanut butter, pineapple, marshmallow, or chocolate syrup) $7.95

Banana Split – (choice of 3 ice cream flavors, banana, choice of 3 toppings, whipped cream, nuts, jimmies, and cherry) $10.95

Strawberry Shortcake – add $1.00 for ice cream $5.95

Ice Cream Dishes and Cones

Baby: $.93

Kids: $4.95

Small: $5.95

Large: $6.95

sugar or plain cones ($1.00 extra for waffle cones)

Jimmies: $.50 Nuts: $1.00 Cherry or Chocolate Dip: $1.00 Sundae Topping: $1.00

Ice Cream Flavors

Hard Serve Ice Cream Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut, Black Raspberry, Moose Tracks, Peanut Butter Cup, Orange Sherbet, Raspberry Sorbet.

Ask us about our hard serve flavor of the week!

Soft Serve Ice Cream Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist.


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Awesome!!! Love the Car Hop Service!! Staff is friendly. Prices are reasonable. Food was delicious!! Can’t wait to go back!!

Clams with bellies you say?  Why yes – best in the State according to me!

Great food, great location and lots of parking. Only drawback I wish they were open through the fall and winter.

We got Fish and Chips, chicken finger basket, and the Bay Scallop plate and it was delicious!!! It was our first time there and we’ll definitely be back!                   

Yummy. I’m so happy spring is here. Time to enjoy the best seafood around.                    

Great food and delicious ice cream. They give large servings on the ice cream too. Thumbs up!                                                                                                                                      

Hands down, my favorite fried seafood.  Love the clam plate. Great place to take kids ….they have a small outdoor playhouse right next to the picnic tables.

The best local seafood around. And my kids love the deserts and play area. Very family friendly.

Great place for seafood and shakes. Go try it for yourself.

Always enjoy the fish and chips with a root beer float. Fish always done to perfection and delicious. The best in this part of Massachusetts, I think. March seems a long time to wait for it again.

Me and my husband split a clam plate and couldn’t believe how large and sweet the clams were. The onion rings were also very sweet and tasty.

Excellent belly clams, scallops, and onion rings. Great casual oudoor atmosphere, like dining in a park.

My son is picky but loved his hot dog and fries! Good food and ice cream! Friendly staff and a cute outdoor play space for the kids ! ( for a mom with very active kids this is worth its weight in gold alone !) we will be back soon!

My wife took me and the kids there yesterday absolutely loved it. Priced really well and got a lot of food. Definitely going back for more. PS one of the best clam chowders I’ve ever had.

Great food. Great service. We always order the same thing – sea scallops and their awesome onion rings and it never lets us down! Always good!

I was there yesterday and enjoyed another fantastic meal! 2 way combo – whole bellies and sea scallops were delicious as always. Great food. Always satisfied.

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